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What is ipalabras

IPalabras is a Hosting data base of related words and terms, formed by thousand of words and million relations. In addition, it is a research laboratory that allows to find out the most common relations between the words based on the time.

For example, iPalabras will respond to questions as; what words were related to We can in the 2014? what abbreviations or acronyms are related to the Ministry of Defense?

How it works

Simply it introduces the word that you wish search, you will verify that the form will show terms according to you are writing thanks to the Autocomplete technology. The results are obtained from different sources, has been developed a technology that tracks thousand of Web sites.

The information is analyzed using algorithms of Artificial intelligence to extract the most outstanding words and to realise the connections among them.

Why it serves

The utility of iPalabras is very extends, the journalists will be able to enrich their news adding related terms and abbreviations.
The students, will be able to investigate the relations between the words and search new subjects that complete their works.

And for the nosey parkers, they will be able to sail by the words and search peculiar relations, for example, what relation is between Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King?

Looked for terms more

  • Passatge Travessera of Barcelona
  • System of Medical Emergency
  • Hospital of Sant Pau
  • Lopez de Hoyos of Madrid
  • Nova Creu Alta
  • National body of Police
  • Juan Jos© Escuredo
  • Luis Carrero Blanco
  • Civil Guard of Saragossa
  • Juan G³mez Salat
  • Police of France
  • Catalan Autonomous Government of Catalonia Jordi Pujol
  • Cat Helicopters of the Servei Catal¡
  • National hearing Jose
  • Antonio Diz work
  • Mar­a Nº±ez Bola±os
  • Antonio Fern¡ndez use
  • Cadiz Antonio Ceballos
  • Juan M¡rquez work
  • Consultative advice of Andalusia
  • Eduardo Larraz Riesgo
  • Arpeggio Area of Enterprise Promotion
  • Platform Socialist Militant
  • European Court of Justice
  • Spanish episcopal Conference
  • State society of Industrial Participation
  • Service of Psychiatry of the Ramon Hospital
  • Soccer Club Barcelona Andres
  • Association of Spanish Famous Brands
  • Meli¡ Hotels International
  • Rey Juan Carlos
  • National museum Center of Art
  • Juan Ignacio Cirac
  • Jos© Antonio Iniesta
  • Real Instituo Elcano
  • Francisco Mart­nez Cosentino
  • Real Instituto Elcano
  • Jos© Luis Bonet
  • Central court of Instruction
  • Agents of the Information service
  • Government of the City council of Alcala de Henares
  • Javier Rodr­guez Palacios
  • Juan Manuel Santos
  • Astronomical observatory of Majorca
  • Portugal Antonio Costa
  • Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
  • Sport of the City council of Madrid
  • National hearing Ismael Moreno
  • Catalonia Caixa Narc­s Serra
  • Mediterranean Catalonia promoter
  • Bottom of Reconstruction Banking Ordinate
  • Central Quarters Board
  • Comº Podem F©lix Alonso
  • Mare Nostrum bank
  • National commission of the Stock market
  • cheap dedicated server
  • Bankia Ignacio Goirigolzarri
  • Miguel ngel Fern¡ndez Ord³±ez
  • Declaration of Fern¡ndez Ord³±ez Por
  • University school of Financial Studies
  • Francisco Nicol¡s G³mez Iglesias

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