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The webpage is operated advertising by David C.M (the proprietor)


0. The user or visitor of the webpage has the obligation to read the conditions of benefit of the service that are detailed in this text, so that it assumes these as valued in the benefit of the service.

1. Objectives of the webpage: The webpage is operated economically through the publicity that is published in its pages.

2. Conditions of use of the content and served in this webpage:

2.1. - The reproduction of the contents (of any type) published in without the express consent of the author of this Web is not allowed. In this case we spoke of texts, graphs, source code, and any other content that is served from this webpage.

2.2. - In this webpage contents of third parties can exist. In anyone of the cases, and as it is intention always respecting the rights of author and the laws of the copyright, if there were any minimum problem with respect to any material published in this Web, is requested that they are put in touch through email: to webmaster [AT] and the content will be retired (after being verified) with the maximum possible speed, since the first respect by the rights of author and the other people's work is intention.

2.3. - The author of this Web does not become person in charge of the evil use that becomes of the content set out in this webpage (

2.4. - The webpage is funded and exploded economically through the publicity set out in the same.

2.5. - In this webpage ( any type of deprived information of the visitor does not take shelter. (to see Policy of privacy). Data only take shelter, precise, to make use of the calls €œcookies€ for the good operation of the system. publishes publicity managed by Google Adsense. Google, as associated supplier, uses cookies to publish announcements in The users can disqualify the use of the cookie of DART through announcement of Google and acceding to the policy of privacy of the content network. Google uses associate advertising companies to publish announcements when it visits our website. It is possible that these companies use the information that they obtain from his visits to this and other websites (without including its name, direction, email address or phone number) to offer announcements to him on products and services that are to him from interest.

2.6. - The author of does not become person in charge of the bad operation of the system or served in this webpage, although always she is tried and she worked to offer the best service.

2.7. - The author of the webpage uses the same as she has supported advertising and person in charge does not become of the bad service or problems arisen by the announced services, so that the later publicity and services that this sends are unique responsibility of the advertiser.

2.8. - In this webpage ( illegal contents do not exist (child pornography, vindication of the terrorism, or any other type of illegal content).

2.9. - offers the advisory service of related terms of words and abbreviations.

In case this page ( contains forums:

3. Conditions of use of the content and served in the forums of

3.1. - The use of these forums is reserved only as €œplank of messages€ between professionals of sector Internet. It is not allowed to make use of the forum of to realise Spam, publicity in off - topic, to catch directions of e-mail or any type of illegal action.

3.2. - is not responsible for the opinions spilled in these forums, and is total responsibility of the authors of the same.

3.3. - reserves the right of annulling, cancelling, to erase or to deny the access to some user who fails to fulfill any legal and/or moral rule.

3.4. - does not store (nor it commercializes with) any type de dato spilled in these forums with commercial or similar character. The messages and all the data are stored so what for the only service to which the forum is destined, that is the one to inform and to serve as contact between professionals.

3.5. - The reproduction of the contents of without previous authorization is prohibited.

3.6. - For any problem on the matter, must be put in touch with the direction of e-mail to webmaster [AT]

Some doubt on the use terms

If you have some question of how we managed the use terms, you do not doubt in putting to you in touch.

The email only will be used to respond to the message, the 24 hours will be eliminated of our data base.