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Cookie to a segment of data is denominated that are stored in the navigator of the user in order to offer major information to the Web server about this one, thus allowing to remember certain parameters and information on the user, obtaining a greater personalisation and analysis on the behavior of the same.

We use cookies to facilitate the use of our webpage. The cookies are small files of information that allow to compare and to understand us how our users sail through our webpage, and this way to be able to improve the navigation process consequently. In case of not wanting to receive cookies, please it forms his navigator of Internet so that he erases them of the hard disk of his computer, blocks them or it warns to him in case of installation of the same. In order to continue without changes in the configuration of the cookies, simply it continues in the webpage.

It has more information on the Cookies in:

Types of Cookies

Different types from cookies exist, which can be classified according to their purpose at the time of obtaining data about the user:

Cookies technical: They are those that are essential to allow the user navigation through a webpage, as for example, those that they allow to store the data of an order online.

Cookies of personalisation: This type allows to personalize the functions or contents of the website based on the collected data of the navigator. By means of these cookies we can present a website in the same language of the used navigator to visit the Web.

Cookies of analysis: They are only used with statistical aims. A clear example could be the cookies generated by script of pursuit of Google Analytics.

Cookies advertising and of behavioural publicity: They are all those that they have as objective to improve the effectiveness of the advertising spaces. Thus, the advertising network of Google or adservers includes this type of technologies to give the wished service to their clients.

How to deshabilitar the Cookies in the used navigators more:

Chrome: Configuration †’ Mostrar options outposts †’ Privacy †’ Configuration of content.
For more information, it can consult the support of Google or the Help of the navigator.

Internet Explorer: Tools †’ Options of Internet †’ Privacy †’ Configuration.
For more information, it can consult the support of Microsoft or the Help of the navigator.

Firefox: Tools †’ Options †’ Historial Privacy †’ †’ Customized Configuration.
For more information, it can consult the support of Mozilla or the Help of the navigator.

Safari: Preferences †’ Security.
For more information, it can consult the support of Apple or the Help of the navigator.

Third parties

In some cases, we shared information on the visitors of this site anonymously or added with third parties as they can be advertisers, sponsoring or auditors with the only aim to improve our services. All these tasks of processing will be regulated according to the legal norms and all rights in the matter of protection of data according to the effective regulation will be respected.

This site measures the traffic with different solutions that can use cookies or Web beacons to analyze what happens in our pages. At the moment we used the following solutions for the measurement of the traffic of this site. It can see more information on the policy of privacy of each one of the solutions used for such effect:

  • How Google uses the data that compile in the websites
  • Google (Analytics): Policy of Privacy of Google Analytics

This site can also lodge own publicity, of affiliates, or advertising networks. This publicity is by means of advertising servers who also use cookies to show compatible advertising contents the users. Each of these advertising servers has its own policy of privacy, that can be consulted in its own webpages.

The cookies are files created in the navigator of the user to register their activity in the Website and to allow a more fluid and customized navigation him.

In order to use this Website the installation does not turn out necessary from cookies. The user can not accept them or form his navigator to block them and, where appropriate, to eliminate them.

At the moment we lodged publicity of:

  • Google Adsense: Policy of privacy of Google Adsense €“ Terms and conditions €“ Political of the program

Some doubt on cookies

If you have some question of how we managed the cookies, you do not doubt in putting to you in touch.

The email only will be used to respond to the message, the 24 hours will be eliminated of our data base.