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On iPalabras is an advisory service online, offers related terms to the looked for words. It is a project destined to the semantic investigation of the Spanish language, is possible that in the future one adapts to other languages. With a simple and direct design, it is tried that the interaction with the user is pleasant and fast. iPalabras is destined to all type of public, but mainly to students, investigators and journalists. It is a very useful tool to find relations between the words.

With more than 5,000 daily users, one has become a referring one in the semantic sector in Spain and Latin America.

If you want to follow the fence project you can subscribe through the social networks: Twitter and Facebook.


IPalabras is developed using free software; Linux, MySQL, PHP, C++, APACHE and Bootstrap.

An internal system based on dredges analyzes thousands of pages of Internet with the aim of capturing the information, it is processed and the relations between the terms are extracted. The algorithms are in his first version, little by little they will be improved and adding new functionalities.


I am called David, I had as hobby the semantic Web and the retrocomputing. Logically, this project is destined first liking, the semantic Web. I have developed several projects related to the finders, but always I have had the curiosity of how it would be a semantic finder. This project is the first step to the creation of a finder that understands what the user wishes search, iPalabras is born from the necessity to find out relations between the terms as previous step to a semantic consultation.

I have studied Engineering of Telecommunications (specialty Telematics), Technical Engineering in Computer science of Systems, Technical Engineering in Computer science of Management and Degree of Multimedia. If you want to know more on me.

Form of contact

If you have some question or suggestion, you do not doubt in putting to you in touch.

The email only will be used to respond to the message, the 24 hours will be eliminated of our data base.